Treat yourself

It’s been a raggedy-ass winter.

The kind of winter that bums you out, burns you out, and sucks the life out of you.  Blistering cold wind.  Average temps of -30 degrees celsius.  Snowbanks that double as tobogganing hills. Wearing over 20 lbs of clothing just to put out the garbage.


It was on a particularly cold and grey day that I took matters into my own hands and decided I needed to escape.  I couldn’t afford to leave the country .. but I COULD afford to indulge in a little pampering.

Everyday on my way to work, I pass the most beautiful Victorian home.  It just happens to be an INN and SPA.  On that particular cold and grey day, I felt that perhaps the universe was speaking to me.  As soon as I arrived at work I looked up the number and made an appointment.

My darlings.

There are no words in the english language that could accurately describe what happened when I went to my appointment.  However, as a writer, I feel compelled to at least try and let you in on the bliss that I lived with for over 3 hours.  Here is my review:



PRICE :  Ranges from $ to $$$$ (depending on treatment booked)

ATMOSPHERE :  Quiet, calm, but not depressing.

TIME IN :  11:15 am

TIME OUT : 3 pm

TREATMENT : The YON KA Secret De Beaute (Dry brush – salt scrub – massage – facial – paraffin hand treatment)

My journey began as soon as I entered this incredible house.  After hanging my coat and taking off my boots, I entered a bright, spotless room and was greeted by Lee – the owner of Cavana.  (Actually, I guess it is more accurate to call him a co-owner/operator as he shares the ownership with his beautiful wife Joanne). Lee is one of the nicest individuals I have met.  Warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. (Also? Has the best damn eyebrows I have ever seen on a man in my life!)  A very good impression right from the get go.  After checking in, I was directed to a comfy, modern room to wait for my appointment.  Fireplace…  Luxurious, comfy couches…  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and chilled water…  Soft music.


After filling out some paperwork, I was greeted by a wonderful woman named ADDI.  She introduced herself, shook my hand (MANNERS!  LOVE IT!), and led me upstairs to my room.

Oh My GAWD the room!!  Perfect decor, classy colour scheme, low lights but not dark and gloomy, huge glass shower in the corner, fireplace, and a modern couch with two areas for pedicures. Oh and perfect touches like the pendant lamps and stylish throw cushions. (It’s all in the details baby!)  In the middle of all this decadence was my massage bed.  The cherry on top?  A beautiful fresh flower and chocolate – for me!

**NOTE: I took this photo AFTER my treatment, so the sheets etc are all balled up at the bottom of the bed.  I can assure you that this was NOT how it looked when I entered the room! **


OK!  So, after a brief description of the treatments I was getting that day, Addi  left the room so that I could get prepared and on the table.

First up?  A gentle, dry brushing of my skin to slough off cells.

I was nervous about this part.  I have never had my skin dry brushed before – and I was sure that it would hurt.  I was wrong.  Addi gently worked the soft brush across my skin and it felt lovely!!

Next?  The salt scrub.

Yet another irrational fear.  As Addi worked the special salt mixture in circles all over my skin she spoke quietly and told me what salt scrubs do for your body.

Instead of rinsing off right away, Addi wrapped me up in a plastic covering (topped with blankets) and started working on feet.  A fresh, almost pepperminty mask was massaged into my feet and then they too, were wrapped in plastic.  Addi made sure I was comfortable and then left me to relax for  about 10 mins.

Upon her return, she rinsed my feet off with the help of warm, steamy towels and helped me into the glass shower.  She refreshed the bed and I took a shower to rinse off the salt.

If my treatment had ended there, I would have been a happy camper.  But lucky me! I had more in store!!


Time for my massage!  I will not bore you with details.  Just trust me when I say that relaxation massages ROCK.  Legs, back, arms, hands, neck, scalp. I’m melting just thinking about it.

Next?  The Yon Ka Facial!


Love the products.  Love the aromatherapy steam.  Love how gentle Addi was every step of the way. I almost fell asleep!!

OH!  I almost forgot!  While I was blissing out with the incredible facial, Addi dipped my hands in warm paraffin wax, wrapped them up, and placed them in heated gloves. SQUEEEEEEEE !!!

By the end of it all, I swear, you could have poured me off the table.

BEHOLD!  The face of RELAXATION!   **Ignore the crazy hair.  I just went through 3.5 hours of pampering.  You’d look the same too!**


After getting dressed, I went back downstairs into the reception area where Lee handed me a bottle of cold water. He asked how everything was and I swear, I was close to speechless when trying to answer!

Just before I left, Addi came downstairs and thanked me (AGAIN, MANNERS FOLKS!  AWESOME!!) and gave me a big hug.


From start to finish this whole experience was perfection.  Lee and Joanne are the ultimate hosts in the most incredible house.  I have always stuck by the addage that I don’t mind paying a little more money if I KNOW that I’m getting a quality product. With Cavana Spa?  It was more than just quality.  It was an EXPERIENCE.  If you want to do something for yourself that does not force you on a plane, sitting next to sweaty strangers, and drinking cheap rum punch – then TREAT YO SELF!!!  BOOK AN APPOINTMENT AT CAVANA!


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