Experience Cavana Ridge

With a 17 year history of providing our guests with outstanding spa services at the original Cavana Spa location, we had come to the point where our dreams had outgrown our space and in order to optimize our potential it was time to pursue literal greener pastures. Enter Cavana Ridge.

Our Vision

The vision behind Cavana Ridge is for all of our guests to experience three key elements when they visit our new location. The planning for this venue was thought out so thoroughly and decisively that every single moment spent at Cavana Ridge has been designed with the greatest standards of excellence in mind.

First and foremost our guests will be struck by an overwhelming feeling of escapism. In a time when a true geographic “getaway” seems nearly impossible, this feeling of being in a faraway exotic place is valued now more than ever. With tremendous Parisian and Mediteranean influences, Cavana Ridge looks as though it was transplanted from Europe and dropped on the outskirts of Orillia. There is zero remaining evidence of the water treatment and testing facility that once existed on the lush and meticulously manicured premises that is now occupied by the breathtaking retreat that exists there today. Vast windows and various archways encase the new home for your ultimate spa experience.

 The second element of a visit to Cavana Ridge is a truly effortless experience. From entry to exit our clients will be swept away not only by the intricately selected decor and luxurious ambiance, but also by our fully accessible services and amenities including heated floors and beds, imported spa linens that make resting on a cloud seem uncomfortable, and the level of pampering and expertise that our team of unbelievably talented aestheticians and staff will provide. 

 The final integral part of your experience are the “above and beyond” surprises you will receive as a guest of Cavana Ridge. Whether it’s the peaceful elegance of our terrace and gardens or the opportunities to make special memories in front of one of our artfully designed social media “selfie” walls, our mission is to supersede any expectations you had when you entered.   

We Welcome You to Experience Cavana Ridge.