How Reflexology Can Improve Blood Circulation and Relieve Pain


If you’re thinking about booking a reflexology treatment, you may have some questions regarding the treatment and what to expect. What exactly is reflexology? What are the health benefits? Is it the same thing as a foot massage?

Many people are starting to question the health benefits of reflexology massage and the effects that it may have on their health. This treatment involves massaging specific areas of the hands, feet, and even the head with a heated towel or dryer for different results. The goal is to reduce pain and promote relaxation. That said, it does vary from a typical relaxation massage. One of the major differences between foot reflexology and foot massage is that foot reflexology targets specific nerve points and heals the body, whereas foot massage is a relaxing massage that has only temporary effects.

What are the Health Benefits of Reflexology, Anyways?

The first thing that you need to look at when thinking about reflexology benefits is that it is a natural healing practice. It promotes overall health by reducing pain and inflammation. Did you know that our hands have over 2021 pressure points that respond to touch, which allows them to heal themselves? Now that is powerful!

Improve Blood Circulation and Limit Pain and Stress

Many medical professionals are starting to take notice of the effects that reflexology foot massages have on patients. They report that patients enjoy a reduction in pain, stress, and swelling after their sessions. In some cases, they have even reported feeling more energetic.

Reflexology treatments also help to improve blood circulation. It is common knowledge that stress can affect blood circulation. When you undergo reflexology treatment, the therapist will be applying pressure points that will increase blood flow to the area. Through this, you can reduce high blood pressure and feel more relaxed.

Eliminate Headaches

Headaches are a drag, and the majority of us suffer from them at some point or another. In fact, for some, they can be a chronic ongoing issue. During a reflexology session, pressure is applied to reflex points, which in turn increases blood flow to the brain and thus reduces headaches.

Some people feel that headaches result from not being able to relax. Reflexology helps to relieve tension, promoting the body and mind to relax. It also stimulates the central nervous system, which is why reflexologists recommend that their clients practice deep tissue massage. By doing this, you can stimulate the brain to release endorphins.

Rid of Any Toxins

We’ve already mentioned that reflexology improves blood circulation,  but you may be surprised to learn that this process can also enhance bladder function and reduce the likelihood of urinary tract problems. This is due to the fact that it effectively eliminates toxins and other foreign materials from your body, protecting you from health conditions associated with compromised urinary systems.

Healthy Immune System

We all wish to live a happy and healthy life, free from illness! Reflexology may help to build an immune system and boost your immune response. Because the reflex points are connected to the nervous system, it can help to strengthen the immune system through the use of a reflexology technique such as foot reflexology. Who wouldn’t want a boosted immune system?

Cavana Ridge Provides Reflexology Treatments

As you can see, there are several advantages to this incredible service. If you’ve never experienced a reflexology treatment before, you can now book your first treatment directly at Cavana Ridge.

The treatment is provided by a certified reflexologist and is based on the principle of reflexes in the head, feet and hands, clearing any blockages that are present while promoting self-healing. Enjoy relaxation in the mind, body, emotions, from head to toe with our Grand Head to Toe Reflexology treatment. Alternatively, we provide Foot only ReflexologyTreatment as an added service option.

By using reflexology techniques on a regular basis, you can strengthen and improve the functions of the entire body and may even find that the health benefits of reflexology can help you avoid certain diseases.

With a 13 year history of providing our guests with outstanding spa services, we are confident your experience at Cavana Ridge will be a pleasant one.

Contact our spa today to book your reflexology treatment.



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